Could Misting Fans Replace Electric Fans?

A lot of people who’ve ever bought a misting fan often complain about the noise it emits and its ineffectiveness. Some customers complain about their rooms getting too humid as well. Other people attest to the usefulness of misting fans in hot and dry places, though. Is this a good enough reason for misting fans to replace electric fans in commercial and residential areas? Let’s find out.

Misting fans are often called evaporative air coolers because of the similarities on the way they cool the air. It employs direct evaporative cooling systems that add moisture in the air and effectively cooling it. Try putting a wet towel in front of an electric fan. That’s the basic principle behind evaporative cooling. This is a great way to cool off, as the water gets rid of room heat pretty much the same way sweating gets rid of body heat. The downside of using these types of fans is their tendency to humidify a room too much.

misting fansToo much humidity increases the chance of a dielectric breakdown (a term that means that two electric entities that were supposed to be separated are starting to touch) of electronic devices. This may cause short circuits and become a fire hazard. A humid room also invites molds that could cause respiratory problems and eventually cognitive problems. That’s the worst-case scenario though. Misting fans are generally thought to be harmless in most cases. It’s best to use them in non-humid places and perhaps places with less electric appliances, gadgets, and unprotected steel.

Electric fans, on the other hand, are simple appliances that help circulate the air around it. While being less of a hazard than the misting fan, electric fans do not help cool a room down that contains hot air. Unless you plan on turning the electric fan into an exhaust and stick it to an open window, you really won’t be cooling a room down anytime soon with just an electric fan. Electric fans use up less electricity though as they do not need to circulate water and run it through an evaporation system.

A misting fan will naturally be noisier than an electric fan due to the added components, particularly the motor that drives the water around it. This is a common complaint of customers who have not tried using a misting fan before. Make sure you test whatever misting fan your thinking of buying before bringing it home to make sure you can handle the noise.

In terms of size,the electric fan is smaller since it has less components than a misting fan. This is a small price to pay for an above average cooling capability though. If you live in a dry, hot place and you’re looking for an affordable way to keep the temperature down, consider getting a misting fan. On the other hand, if you live in a very humid place, consider getting an electric fan instead unless you’re sure that the increase in humidity added by the misting fan won’t affect the electrical appliances and delicate furniture around you.

If neither an electric fan nor a misting fan could cool down your room satisfactorily, either get an additional exhaust or get an air conditioner and use only that. The former spends less electricity and will help get fresh air into your room whereas the latter gets you a cooler room rather quickly and may also come equipped with air purifiers. Make sure that you don’t mix any sort of fans with air conditioners because air conditioners also circulate the air already. Adding an electric fan or a misting fan will increase heat in the room due to the heat emitted by the motors.

What is a Treadmill Desk?

One of the common problems of career oriented people is how to maintain a healthy lifestyle without compromising their work routines. Because most of their time is spent in front of computers or piles of paperwork, it can be hard to find the time to exercise. After all, their spare time is usually allotted for sleep and relaxation.

best treadmill desksThankfully, health advocates and innovators were able to come up with a great solution to this problem. By combining exercise and work routine, the treadmill desk was created. The best treadmill desks are designed to fit the lifestyle of workaholics and help them exercise.

Basically, a treadmill desk is a treadmill with a desk that is used when working. It promotes multi-tasking as it allows a person to exercise and at the same time work. It comes in different designs and models that anyone can choose from so they can purchase the best treadmill desks most suited for them.

Treadmill desks offer a lot of benefits in both health and productivity. The regular exercise that employees or workers get from these innovative desks result in better heart health as well as improved energy and better coordination. Other ailments and diseases that are related to poor diet and lack of exercise are also prevented by using the best treadmill desks. Such an out-of-the-box solution to a sedentary lifestyle also improve focus and quality of output and encourages good relationships and active interaction between coworkers.

If you want to experience all of these benefits, consider purchasing a treadmill desk for your own. Though some companies provide treadmill desks in their offices, it is best to have one for your personal use at home.

To choose the right treadmill desk, there are five important tips you should remember. First, know what type of treadmill desk you want and where you will put it. Knowing what kind of treadmill desk suits your taste will narrow down your choices. It is also important that you know where you’re going to place it. This way, you’ll have an idea on how big the treadmill desk should be.

Second, it should have enough space to accommodate your workload. There should be enough room for you to move around comfortably. When choosing the treadmill desk, test if it is large enough for you to exercise and work.

Third, familiarize yourself with its parts. This will help you choose the treadmill desk made with durable and good materials. See if all the parts are in good condition and are working properly. A treadmill has a lot of moving parts. If you are going to be spending your working hours on it, you want to make sure that nothing will fall apart while you are on the treadmill.

Fourth, set a budget. There are plenty of treadmill desks available in the market, so choosing one that is within your budget is possible. Don’t go overboard when buying one. Look around different shops and brands and try to find as many choices as possible. Once you’re done, choose the best among your choices.

If you are more of a hands-on person, you can try to customize or make one yourself. To save money, you can convert an old treadmill into a treadmill desk. The process is very simple. All you have to do is to attach a desk with the right width and size to a treadmill. Make sure that the desk is not too low for you to work on. Choose a desk that is big enough for the treadmill, your work materials and of course, yourself.

Treadmill desks can be uncomfortable at first. But once your body is used to the routine, you’ll be able to enjoy exercising even while you’re working. Try using one for a healthier lifestyle.

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TaylorMade Golf Rescues: Saving Balls from Tight Spots

Even with excellent skills and top-notch clubs, a golfer can still screw up a shot due to various factors. Wind speeds are a major obstacle to making the perfect shot, since they will more than likely stray the ball’s trajectory from its intended spot, leading to the wastage of a precious turn and going over par. Newcomer golfers, meanwhile, will be aghast at the many clubs one must bring to a game just to go under par. They are also not confident about their swings, which will put a strain on their ability to send the ball to its intended spot. Different clubs are tailored for different courses and situations.

This is where TaylorMade golf comes in, with its brand of “rescue” clubs to save professionals from possible tight spots and to provide newcomer golfers a well-rounded set of clubs that are suitable for many situations.

Rescues are what TaylorMade golf calls a new breed of clubs dubbed hybrids. Hybrids are golf clubs that combine the best features of irons and woods. For the uninitiated, irons are clubs that are used to send the ball closer to the hole; while woods are clubs that are used to drive the ball to greater distances. Irons are used when the ball is at least 30 yards from the hole; while woods are used in the opening shot. The lowest-tiered wood is called the driver. Irons usually have flat and grooved heads; while woods have large, rounded heads.

Hybrids have the following features:Taylormade golf faces that are fatter than those of irons but thinner than those of woods, greater distance coverage compared to irons due to higher loft, the center of gravity being located at the back-bottom of the head in order for golfers who are not confident about their swings to send the ball with much-needed power, and the ability to make the ball backspin, making it land short of the intended spot, especially if the spot is a hazard. Hybrids are also called “utility” clubs due to their dual purposes.

Rescues by TaylorMade golf, as well as hybrids from other golf club manufacturers, are given a warm reception by professionals, amateurs, and beginners alike. The golfers themselves even replace the traditional irons with their hybrid counterparts, saving more space in their golf bags and giving them and their caddies less difficulties in lugging them around varying courses.

As proof of their acceptance, the Los Angeles-based Darrell Survey Company, a company that tracks use of golf equipment, polled professional golfers about the presence of hybrids in their golf bags in 2007. 65% of PGA Tour participants carried at least one hybrid; while 80% of Champions tour participants did the same. 40% of PGA Tour players, meanwhile, did not bring a set of 3-iron to 9-iron clubs due to hybrids taking over their role. Overall, the acceptance of hybrids by golfers spiked since their inception in 1999. 2002 was the year when TaylorMade introduced the concept itself; and in the following year, a patent for hybrids was filed. In 2004, 7% of golfers kept at least one hybrid in their bags. Three years later, more than 30% did the same. And according to TaylorMade golf, the increasing sales records of hybrids and rescues just repeated the sentiments of golfers – 141,000 units were sold in 2003; and more than a decade later, the sales numbers are in the millions.

Rescues and hybrids were originally meant for golfers who were not confident about their swings; but professionals embraced them for a different purpose: to save their skin in complicated courses full of hazards. In the end, they are truly meant for everyone who is up for a good game of golf.

Live Chat Support versus Email and Phone Support

Live chat support vs. Phone Support

live chat supportPeople often move towards a line of communication that is fast and easy to access. In this light, live chat software can certainly make a valuable connection between the company and the customers. As opposed to a call, it speeds up communication. In addition, it is not in any way aggravating with regards to engaging shoppers while monitoring and matching their personal preferences at the same time. This is a powerful tool that could help enhance client retention rate and convert into greater income for the businesses. Enumerated below are a few of the factors that establish its reliability by exhibiting how practical it is as compared to phone support.

1. The choice of having a telephone call is surely reassuring, but at times, the answers are not fast enough. It can even take a long time to arrive at the cause of a problem. Live chat support service is less complicated and more effective in this context. With live chat service, operators can instantly get connected to the shoppers without any difficulty whenever needed. It virtually allows for less waiting period. Within just a few seconds, chat agents gets back to answer the customer queries. They can readily supply the site visitors with pertinent links to helpful web pages and even guide them throughout the whole purchasing process, which is not possible with phone support.

2. With live chat service, multitasking is feasible. The chat associates can hold a number of chats at the same time, whilst phone operators can only serve a single client at a time. This implies dealing with the same number of clients with a lesser number of agents. For that reason, live chat service genuinely lays eyes upon the objective of efficient client interaction without impacting the caliber of service.

3. The after-call work for live chat operators is significantly less as compared to that of telephone operators. Phone support associates spend a lot of time and effort in punching in accurate and complete log of every telephone call. This process, as a matter of fact, may have an adverse effect on the productivity metrics of the company. A live chat associate, on the other hand, could simply send an electronic mail regarding the transcripts of the chat conversation. With this, wrapping up is a lot easier and automatic for live chat service, minimizing greatly the after-call work period.

4. One more attribute which makes live chat software beneficial is its being cost efficient. Customer service through chat costs three to six times less as compared to a phone support service. A variety of studies have demonstrated that each phone session costs approximately $6 to $20. An average live chat session, on the other hand, costs only around $3 to $5. Hence, live chat support makes it possible for one-to-one discussion at a significantly lower cost, making the profit margins increase considerably for a company.

Live chat support vs. Email Support

Despite the fact that electronic mail is a speedy means to adhere to customers’ requests and demands, the use of live chat software has definitely provided internet business sites with that desired stimulus. Detailed here are some points, which show that in relation to serving customers, live chat service is more viable than email support.

1. This application entails a two-way conversation between the website guest and the qualified service representatives. It involves conversing with the shoppers promptly and directly, whilst email service only comprises of delivering a message and then looking forward to an answer.

2. Email assistance can vary from receiving an instant response to receiving a delayed response. On the other hand, chat support makes it possible for the representatives to return to the shoppers in just a few seconds. It is just like that of a traditional store, where a sales clerk is constantly there every step of the way. As soon as customers obtain the sense of urgency to handle their inquiries, it makes them feel that their preferences are being highly valued and respected by the company. This soothing shopping experience is what makes the customers come back.

3. Be it a business query or a basic transaction, sending an email always necessitates accurate contact addresses. Otherwise, the message may not reach the right person. In contrast, live chat support service is not only limited to the site visitors whom the company would like to contact. It is much like instant messaging in which each and every client may promptly connect to a representative for assistance at any time.

Six Promises The Best SEO Company Would Not Make

It is definitely safe to always take every claim and promises with caution. How much more if the promises made by the SEO company are just too good to be true? Down the page are the six most common SEO promises to watch out and avoid because the best SEO company know they are hard to guarantee.

1. That they know the secret recipe to cook a fruitful SEO result

To be able to achieve real Best SEO Companysuccess in search engine optimization attempts, the best SEO company simply needs to make appropriate efforts and perform with adequate attention right from the beginning until the end. One this is for sure, there isn’t any secret recipe in attaining good results. SEO companies that are claiming that they have this secret magic formula, in all likelihood, are working with unethical techniques or are simply intending to capture the customer’s eye.

2. That they can put the client’s website to the page number 1 or the rank number 1 in search results

The best SEO company fully understands that it can never guarantee this rank. Absolutely no specialist can truly assure this. Ranking on the top position is fundamentally determined by the amount of traffic that is generated for that specific site. Due to the fact that web traffic involves a significant number of people from around the planet, certainly no one on Earth can guarantee a huge influx of traffic towards the website. A specialist can only work hard and do his best to be able to achieve great online visibility and exposure. This can then lead to a superior traffic, yet without a doubt, there isn’t any absolute assurance.

3. That they can offer services free of charge

In this kind of time when there is a serious economic and financial problem anywhere, could it really be practical for a professional to provide a search engine optimization service at no cost? There could possibly be some special discounts or rebates from time to time. It may also be likely that they offer one free non-traditional service in conjunction with a paid service. However, if all of the services are made available without any price tag whatsoever, it is very likely that it is just a scam. An SEO company that asserts to be merely lending a helping hand may perhaps be doing this to be able to access the confidential and personal information of the clients.

4. That they are perfectly knowledgeable of the search engine algorithms.

Google or search engine algorithms in themselves are so intricate and difficult to comprehend. Algorithms that are used for optimization reasons are not only complex, these are also highly dynamic in its very nature. They keep changing from time to time. It is fairly plausible for someone to possess comprehension and knowledge about particular aspects of search engine optimization, but to boast of being an expert in the entire subject is definitely unattainable. For this reason, be cautious about providers who declare this as it can be a scam.

5. That they got connections

Google and other search engines have a hard-and-fast rule with regards to neutrality. They are definitely not going to associate themselves with any kind of SEO company. Once they do, it certainly will create an issue about impartiality. That’s why, it is impossible for any company, even the best SEO company, to genuinely declare that they have connections with search engines such as Google.

6. That they can publish the site to greater than 100 search engines

How many people are actually utilizing a lot of search engines, in the first place? Secondly, do hundreds of search engines actually exist presently? Are the target visitors, at any moment, ever going to make use of those 100 search engines? In reality, not anyone utilizes over 3 search engines. A website is not required to publish to search engines other than the 2 or 3 most popular engines. To determine if it is the best SEO company, try asking them to list down even just ten of search engines they plan to publish the site.

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The Different Roles in the SEO Industry: How it Helps Develop the Internet

So many websites hail and praise search engine optimization (SEO) as the best online marketing practice available. The number of websites that make use of this marketing strategy are so many that counting them might take forever. These websites are not exaggerating. SEO has moved the internet in ways most people are not probably aware of, despite the role that they play on the internet’s development as a technology.

The internet has so many stakeholders.SEO IndustryThe first interested party in the internet’s development is the general public. These are the users of the internet. The everyday people who go online, use social media, search engines, check their email and so much more. The second stakeholders are the website. They are the places that people visit when they go online. Search engines are the third and final stakeholders. The search engines establish the relationships that exist between a website and its users.

These three play different roles that all have an effect on how the internet works. Some of these stakeholders may not be aware of what they contribute to the web’s development, but they do. Here is a rough breakdown of the internet’s different parties of interest and how SEO plays a central role.

The websites:

Websites are the places that people visit when they delve into cyberspace.

History shows that it was the websites who started this whole SEO business in the first place. Somewhere in the mid-1990s the people who ran the websites began to understand the value of having a high position in SERPs (search engine page results). As a result, these people tried to look for ways that they could get higher the SERP ladder.

This was not easy. Eventually though, the webmasters eventually understood how the websites ranked the pages on their SERP. The webmasters then began to tailor their website’s contents to improve their ranking. Soon, the word spread throughout the net and websites all over the web began to follow suit. Thus began the SEO industry.

Search engines began to notice this change in behavior with the websites. This led them to change the way their search engines behaved.

The search engines:

Search engines began to realize that websites started to change the way they made their content. This was both a good thing and a bad thing for search engines.

On the plus side, the websites started to understand what search engines believed to be good content. They understood what it meant to be relevant to both the search engines and the target audience. Websites now had a better idea of what they needed to do to get on the SERP.

The problem with this knowledge is how it was used by the websites themselves. Some websites began to abuse the system. Using techniques that improved their position on the SERP without really conforming to the standards set by the search engine operators. This in effect led to the subversion of what the search engine operators, such as Google, believed to be an ideal website.

Search engine operators got frustrated that their search engines began to give users a list of irrelevant websites. It is for that reason that they continue to change their algorithms and come up with new ways to stop the websites from cheating their audience.

The internet users:

The users are probably the most passive members of the SEO industry. Their biggest contribution to the industry is to give the search engines and the websites information that they need.

Keywords and phrases are provided by internet users. Search engines take note of this and even keep track of these words and phrases. This information is given to the websites so they can see what it is exactly people on the internet are looking for. Though they play a passive role, the internet users more or less dictate how the whole SEO industry works given the reliance of the other two interested parties in how they behave.